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Premium Salary

Average salary of an Ethereum Developer is $110,000 per annum -


IBM reports that Blockchain markets are headed to $60 Billion worldwide by 2024

Multiple Job Roles

Blockchain tech has gone far beyond its beginnings in banking and cryptocurrency.

Super Charge Your Career in Blockchain

Get Basics Right

Learning right skills the way industry needs are as important as choosing what skills to learn, that's why with Decodr You get 20+ Projects,Case Sudies and capstones.

Master Skills with Projects

Only learning a skill will not work in 20th century, you need to show them to the right people (eg. recruiters) in a professional manner.

Get Hired

Only learning a skill will not work in 21st Century , you need to show them to the right people (eg. recruiters) in a professional manner.

About the Program

In recent years you must have heard terms like Blockchain, cryptocurrency and Web 3.0 and it is believed to be the future of the internet. But what exactly is Blockchain technology you ask, it is a decentralized, distributed network of blocks all around the globe, where every user is the owner.


Cryptocurrency is a decentralized currency that works on Blockchain, it is not controlled by a government or any bank.


 What are the advantages of Blockchain 

  • It is completely decentralized.
  • No single entity can take decisions regarding the blockchain.
  • It values user privacy.
  • User is the owner of his own data.

Why is Blockchain technology the future of tech?

Big companies are making a shift towards Blockchain technology. Big-name companies, government agencies and nonprofit entities are using blockchain to improve existing processes and enable new business models. Blockchain provides multiple benefits to businesses, because of factors such as Trust, Decentralization, Improved security, Reduced cost.


Why should you enroll for the course ?

As most of the experts say ‘Blockchain technology and Web 3.0 is the future’. There will be a very high demand and need for blockchain technology experts and developers. 

  1. According to a report published by TOI,  Blockchain is one of the fastest-growing skill sets with jobs in this domain growing at a whopping rate of 2,000-6,000%. This has resulted in salaries of blockchain developers being 50-100% higher than conventional developers.
  2.  An expert in the Blockchain industry can expect an average salary between Rs 5,00,000 to Rs 20,00,000 lakh per annum.

Starting to be a data scientist can be a terrifying thought especially when you’re not techy. Don’t worry, you’re not alone, Decodr is here to help you:


  • The functionalities of various blockchain platforms.
  • Learn to evaluate blockchain projects and their underlying technologies.
  • Understanding the requirements of creating a blockchain application,
  •  Gain the knowledge to venture into developing blockchain platforms.

Why should you take this course?

Live sessions with experts

Learn Data Science Live with India's first Certified Analyst Professional. Get Unlimited Live Classes.

20+ industry projects

More than 20 industry projects for you gain hands-on demonstrations, and what’s a better way of learning than doing.

Become job-ready

Gain real-time experience from industry experts to crack the code of security breach from scratch and become a job-ready professional by the end of this course.

300+ Hours of Recorded Classes

We are in this together, whenever you are stuck you can always refer to our recorded classes which are made just for you.

Dedicated Attention

1 on 1 mentorship from the industry experts to help you kickstart your career.

Designed for beginners

Upskill yourself from scratch to advance even if you have no prior coding experience.

Who's this program for?

Tech Enthusiasts

Who want to know about how blockchain works


Looking to learn a skill like Mining on Blockchain


Who are exploring career in Future Technologies

Un Employed

Who are looking to start career in Tech Field

Program Offering

First 50 Students to Enroll Get Bonuses worth Rs10,000

Course Developed by Instructors with Combined Experience of 25+ Years

They Have Worked with some of the Industry Leaders:

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They Loved it So will you!


We have designed this course from basics, you  don’t need to have any technical background.

An expert in the Blockchain industry can expect an average salary between Rs 500,000 to Rs 20,00,000 lakh per annum.

If you miss a live class, you will get a recording of the classes. Moreover you can reach out to Technical support in case of any query.

After completing this Blockchain Program, you will receive an industry-recognized Certificate from Decodr Technologies.

 Anyone can start learning blockchain with Decodr, the course is designed in a way to meet wherever you are and take you to the next level.

You can clear doubts in weekly live classes and in the forum.

The Objective is to make the job ready, face real world problems.

 To teach the user to Examine the functionalities of various blockchain platforms and advance their career in this growing field. 

To teach the user to evaluate blockchain projects and their underlying technologies, understand the requirements of creating a blockchain application, and gain the knowledge for venture into developing blockchain platforms.


These courses are delivered in a hybrid model. You will have access to pre-recorded self paced versions of each topic and you can also attend the live-sessions on each topic / course as per the calendar published.

Essentially if you spend about 3-4 hours a week, you will be able to complete the program in 4 to 5 months. However, the program is pay as you learn. So, in fact you have the liberty of choosing the number of hours you can invest every week.

Blockchain Developer

Blockchain ArchitecT

Blockchain Security Engineer

Blockchain Product Manager

Blockchain UX Designer

Blockchain Quality Engineer

The instructors are highly experienced industry professionals and professors from the field of BLOCKCHAIN AND CRYPTOCURRENCY

The massive increase in data in recent years has created an urgent need to communicate with them. Almost all of the major industries have already embraced machine learning in order to reap its benefits. Aside from obtaining machine learning certification, consider the following advantages of mastering skills learned in the courses:

The classes of the programs will be conducted during weekdays and weekends as the calendar is published.