Classical Machine Learning With Python


Classical Machine Learning With Python

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The Machine Learning Fast Track is an online instructor program that will take you from novice-to-practitioner in applied machine learning. This program is laser-focused on teaching you practical, modern skills and tools that will take your career to the next level


  • Data Science And Its Concepts
  • Scope of Data Science
  • Data Engineering
  • Data Stories
  • Business Intelligence and it’s Concepts
  • Basics of Artificial Intelligence
  • Applications of AI in the real world
  • Problem Statement Understanding
  • What are Analytics?
  • What are the different types of Analytics?
  • Basic statistics – data, types of data, Levels of Measurment, Graphical representation of Data and its functionalities
  • Descriptive Statistics – Concepts andPractical, central tendency
  • Advance Statistics – Concepts and Practical (Hypothesis and alpha/beta error)
  • Inferential Statistics – Concepts andPractical (CI, sig. level, p, tests, one/two tail)
  • Basics of Python (With Practical hands on)
  • Python Installation
  • Variables & Operators in Python (With Practical handson)
  • Data Types in Python (With Practical handson)
  • Strings
  • List and Tuple
  • Dictionary
  • Condition & Loops of Python
  • Control Flow in Python
  • Functions in Python
  • Exceptional Handling
  • Modules and Packages
  • How to check for error on online websites
  • File Handling
  • Upload the solution and approach method on social media platforms
  • How to Solve Questions on competitive websites like Hackeerank, Codechef, Leetcode
  • Mathematical Operations with Numpy
  • Data Cleaning and extraction using pandas
  • Pandas Joins and Complex Data Manipulation methods
  • Data Analysis Using Pandas
  • Visualization and plotting using matplotlib and seaborn
  • Plot, subplot, axis, color, font, of various charts
  • Spicy
  • What is Machine Learning?
  • Types of Machine Learning
  • Application of Machine Learning
  • Algorithms of Machine Learning
  • Machine Learning Algorithms Using Pythonand Excel
  • Supervised machine Learning – Concepts andHands on –Linear, Multiple Regression
  • Evaluation Parameters
  • How to Take Hackathons. Step by Step Approach
  • Upload the solution and approach method on social media platforms
  • Supervised machine Learning – Concepts andHands on (Regression and Classifications) KNN, Decision tree,Random Forest, ADA Boost, Gradient Descent
  • Unsupervised machine Learning – Conceptsand hands on – Kmeans
  • Performance Analysis in Machine Learning
  • Machine Learning for Time Series
  • Evaluation and Performance

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